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Rev. David W. Karns, M.Div., Pastor Emeritus


December 6 is the Feast of St. Nicholas. Children of the parish who brought a shoe last Sunday will have a treat at the 9:30AM Mass this Sunday.

CHRISTMAS NUT ROLL SALE–final orders are due on Monday

The SECOND collection this weekend DECEMBER 4, THE SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT, will be for BUILDING FUND.

The second collection next weekend will be for the RETIREMENT FUND FOR RELIGIOUS.

The Anniversary list of contributors can be found here.

NOTE: The 2017 Mass Books/Hymnals are now in the pews. Thank you to those who have used the special envelope to help cover the cost of the books and those who purchased books In Honor Of someone. Any donation is still gratefully accepted. If you wish to purchase a book In Memory Of or In Honor Of someone, the minimum donation is $10 each. Cost of books $1,364, donated so far $920 from 73 families.
Thank you, so very much, to our volunteer church cleaners and to the persons who pulled all the weeds in front of the rectory and those who cleaned up the hedges and sidewalks!!!

Thank you to those who contribute to the Air Conditioning and Snow Removal funds. We are so grateful for your support.


Do you know an elderly or disabled parishioner who cannot get to Mass? Please call the rectory with the information and we will contact them. Communion Calls are usually made the 1st Friday of the Month.

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