ATTENTION FAMILIES: Any adult child over the age of 18 and not a full-time student must be registered with the parish as an adult and on the envelope mailing list. Please contact the rectory during business hours for a registration form. Certificates of Eligibility for Baptism or Confirmation Sponsors will not be issued for any adult who is not currently registered. If your adult child has graduated high school and is continuing with college, please notify us so we do not remove him/her from the list.

MARRIAGES: Couples planning to be married must contact the pastor at least 6 months prior to the desired date of the marriage. One of the parties must be a registered parishioner.

BAPTISMS: Sundays at Noon (Please notify parish at least two weeks prior to desired date of Baptism. At least one sponsor must be a practicing Catholic)

CONFESSIONS: Saturday 12:30-1 PM (or anytime by appointment)

CERTIFICATES OF ELIGIBILITY to act as a Confirmation Sponsor, Godparent, Marriage Witness, etc., will only be issued to parishioners who are actually registered in the parish and attend Mass on a regular basis. If you are not receiving and using weekly envelopes, you are NOT REGISTERED. Please do not request a Certificate of Eligibility.

CCD: A child preparing to receive any Sacrament must be a practicing Catholic and in a Religious Education Program for two consecutive years immediately prior to receiving a Sacrament.